We understand that maintaining and servicing printers can be costly and frustrating when you are in need of urgent printing.

Thus, Koniway is committed to provide you with affordable and effective services as follows:

  • Printer and DesignJet (plotter) sales and repair
  • Printer maintenance service contract
  • On site repair, services and consultation on all type of printers
  • UPS repair and service
  • Original toner, ink, ribbon supplies
  • Indoor and outdoor media (paper) supplies
  • Computer and accessories supplies


Zero Maintenance Costs

We provide original printer toner cartridges with full maintenance services without additional charges exclusively by Koniway as part of our warranty. Our free maintenance services include:

1) Free on-site support that is time-efficient and convenient.

2) Free printers on loan at no extra cost by the next business day for your use while pending the completion of necessary repairs.


Effective Support

We are dedicated to provide you with immediate call response and within 24-hours of on-site response. We are proud to say that we do not depend on other vendors for our support and all our technicians have undergone and passed technical training by printing solution companies.


Value for Money

We offer quality and affordable services for your printing needs. We also keep in stock common parts of all printer brands to provide you with lower price parts and faster repair.

If you are curious about the different types of printers and cartridges available in the market and wonder about your type of printer, see our printer guide.

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